Formal Verification of Distributed and Multi-Agent Systems.
Alessio Lomuscio, Imperial College London

1. Course summary

The course will cover a range of topics in Model Checking and its applications to distributed and multi-agent systems in a 10 day series of lectures and tutorials. For more information see the schedule below.

The course will be given by Prof. Alessio Lomuscio of Imperial College London.

2. Location

The course will take place at Durand building, room 023 at Stanford Campus from 10:00am to 12:00pm between 12th - 16th and 20th - 23rd of August 2019.

3. Schedule

This is a tentative Lectures and Tutorials breakdown. (Adjustments will be made during the course to maximise the learning objectives)

Week 1:

12 August:

13 August:

14 August:

15 August:

16 August:

Week 2:

19 August:

20 August:

21 August:

22 August:

23 August: